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Thread: 70grain bullets in 6BR

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    70grain bullets in 6BR

    Any body shooting any 70grain loads in a br? Iv only used 105s in it with varget upto now. Im looking for some powder recommendations. Accuracy beenin most important

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    Running 32 gr benchmark under a 70 gr nosler bt cci primer and lapua brass, running about 3280 accurate as 10 accurate things, and shooting it out to 600 yards on varied targets,

    Tikka 595. 1/9 twist 24" medium profile barrel built by Neil mckillop,

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    From a pure accuracy point with my 6BR I've had good results with the flat based 70gn Berger bullets with 30.1gn Varget. Home built rifle, Savage action, Shilen select match 1/8 barrel.

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    Gettin some 70grain blitzkings to try over some n135. Varget is a little scarce around here at moment so what i have id like to keep for 105s as accuracy is unreal.

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