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Thread: question for the falconers among us...

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    question for the falconers among us...

    I'm guessing here, but you need landowner permission to hunt with birds of prey etc. but what if said birds are either not hunting specifically or aren't even raptors/falcons (but still carnivorous), what then?

    reason I ask is that a local 'keeper of birds' (I don't want to say falconer as they have a multitude of birds from parrots, hawks, eagles and hornbills and much more besides), regularly flies and assortment of them on an area of land which I know they don't have permission to fly over, (I know this because they would have had to get permission from me......)
    said land is SSSI amongst other designations, and has a multitude of rare local bird populations such as goshawk, woodlark, nightjar etc, all which would be somewhat put out by this being done in inappropriate locations.....
    there is a vast array of photographic evidence of their activities on their FB page, but I've yet to catch them in the act and can't find much online. I know I have a few arguments up my sleeve, but interested to know what a law abiding bird keeper would say? surely its no different than me taking a gun for a walk on someone else's land without permission?
    if anyone can steer me towards any legislation I'd be interested to have the facts regarding the flying of captive birds.
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    is he actually doing any harm , if we look hard enough we can all find reasons for people not to be there , have you spoke to the guy , he may actually be a nice interesting person, we have to be tolerant of other people in this overcrowded land ,if he doing harm and he is a genuine country bloke , he will soon see sense

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    I guess it's like a guy walking his dog. It maybe a lurcher but is he hunting with it or just exercising it?
    If this guy has not got permission to hunt on the ground then I guess he's poaching, but if he's just exercising his birds then I guess he not really doing any harm.
    It also depends if he's trained the birds to hunt, if he hasn't then they will just look to him for food and really not bother any other wildlife. I've had parent reared birds that would hunt but only after a lot of training to "switch them on". A mate of mine has a human reared bird that is a total "imprint" and will never hunt. All depends on how his birds have been reared and then trained. I'd just talk to the guy and find out.

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    Let's assume a couple of things,
    1) I've tried contacting them by email but no response, and I'm not about to turn up on their door step over this one.
    2) yes, they are potentially doing harm, I manage said SSSI for the species listed above, and hunting or not, flying a large eagle within 500m of a goshawk nest will cause disturbance, or hornbills rummaging through long grass and stump rows probably would happily seek out woodlark nests, adders, grass snakes or skylarks....
    3) I appreciate the responses but as per my first post, I'm not after opinions on the matter, there must be legislation governing the flying of captive birds on private land, and it's this I'm after.
    4) yes, you could say that joe public can walk his dog/lurcher etc and it not be hunting but different things are generally accepted or in this case borderline tolerated given the hassle they cause with sheep etc, but they are (largely) kept on leads as requested, but free flying birds are not, if someone walks along with their pet parrot on their shoulder its a bit different than exercising them in a public place?
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    If your flying a bird of prey on land then you need permission ,a lot of today's falconers and I use the word loosely don't get thier birds hunting which any responsible raptor owner should in the event of them being lost they can then at least catch a meal .so I guess your trespasser is taking them mainly for a walk while they fly along with him for exercise .they should still ask permission hunting or not !
    As for legislation I don't know but surely a person cannot just walk on anyone's land unless it's common ground or ground where the right to roam applies .

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    Unless you can prove that he is using the birds for poaching then it seems you are left with trespass.
    trespass being a civil matter your only recourse to law would be to seek an injunction against him to prevent further trespassing.

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    Many years ago I used to fly Harris Hawks and mine were all "trained" to hunt. As such I always made sure I had permission to fly them wherever I went.
    If the site is calssed as a SSSI then it would be irresponsible to fly them there as they would disturb the wildlife (Regardless of if they were hunting or "just being exercised") which you might be well to point out to the owner of the birds - And if he has any common sense about him he will understand and find somewhere else to exercise his birds. However what the law says about it I can't comment unless he is proven to be HUNTING with them!

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