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Thread: A different view on the impact of Lead.....

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    A different view on the impact of Lead.....

    I found this really quite sad - and shocking. This really should be more front and centre than it is. Some amazing photos.....
    Nooooooooooooobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!! Our main weapon is.........

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    those horse shoes!

    I dread to think of the areas on the middle east hit with depleted uranium will look like in 50 years
    surprised they dont glow in the dark

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    Very interesting. Thanks for this.

    In some areas of Virginia and Tennessee, where War Between the States fighting was fierce and prolonged, there are old photos of piles of buckles from belts and knapsacks, and bullets and balls, plowed up for years after by the farmers.

    I went to some private land adjoining Chancellorsville, outside Fredericksburg, Virginia, where a road was going to be built, and found what I believe to be the hasty trench dug by one of my ancestors and his company, as they held off the retreating Union army as it turned to cross the river just north of there. I could rake away the leaves and dirt, and find a bullet or more in every square foot, sometimes a pile, from a rotted pouch where some soldier fell. How anyone survived, I do not know.

    My eldest uncle, who served in France in the First World War, took sequences of 100 photos of battles, like Meuse Argonne. They start with stone houses and forests. By the end, everything has been cut to splinters by small arms fire, millions of bullets.

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    When my uncle Bill was in Northern Ireland(I think) waiting for a draft, he saw a sergeant with a clip-board coming through the camp. On finding that his name was not on the list, he took a Ten-shilling note, that he had brought with him for emergencies, out of his pocket and told the sergeant to 'have a drink on me'. The sergeant took his name and added it to the list, crossing out someone else. It meant that he was sent to Palestine while the rest went to the Somme. "Best ten Bob I ever spent". Uncle Bill recalled.

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    Wow, never knew the scale of this.

    Where we might have a pile of rock picked flints in the corner of a field they have a pile of shells!

    In Verdun, there are road signs to indicate a dumping grounds for farmers to leave the shells they’ve plowed up on their land to be collected by authorities.

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    I'm fairly sure this is taken with the Canadian Memorial at Vimy Ridge in the background. It is a truly stunning piece of architecture, well worth a visit for anyone with an interest in 20th Century History. As the article states, there are many, many areas fenced off from public access, still too dangerous to cross!!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Our generation are clueless really, we will knever know the true level of suffering and the experiences of the brave soldiers on both sides of the trenches fighting tooth and nail for 100 yards of mud.

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