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Thread: Some guidance please!!

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    Some guidance please!!

    Hi all.
    Just wanting know if it would be possible to accompany anyone on a stalk? I am wanting to start stalking at some point. I know it is very difficult to get into. I have booked myself on the DSC1 in September and have spent a few expensive hours on the stalking course art Holland and Holland.
    Have to start somewhere I guess, so any help or direction would be much appreciated!!
    I am based in Herefordshire.

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    When you say it's difficult to get into, I do wonder where this comes from. I started stalking not too long ago and apart from some very generous guys inviting me out on a stalk or two I have had no problem finding stalking. There is a snag though, which is it costs money. There's a whole debate on why it costs so much money, whether you like it or not it just does. So my advice is if you really want to get out there and stalk some deer is to book up with some recommended guys at a price you are comfortable with and enjoy the whole experience. If you wait around for some ground of your own or to be offered all the stalking you can handle for free you'll never "get into it".
    I don't mean to sound condescending or negative but merely to say how I found it. I can say that as I paid for days out I met more people and came up with more opportunities that have enabled me to have some great stalking with some real knowledgeable people and I have benefited a lot from being with them. Happy hunting.

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    I would suggest joining the BDS. There you will meet other like minded folk in your area. Get to know them and ask where you can book a stalk locally. I am happy to have you accompany me on a stalk but I'm not sure how much help it would be to get you going. Doing a DSC course would definitely be a good idea too

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    Have you tried speaking to the keeper on your local shoot? Beating during the winter might be a way in.

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    Drop ELMER FUDD a PM, he's down the road from you in Monmouth and a sound bloke, and very affordable. His ground mostly holds Fallow though, so you'll have to wait until August.
    I actually found stalking/shooting was much easier than I thought to get in to, even for me with limited money to spend and until quite recently very little spare time. In the last 18 months I suppose I've probably averaged a Stalking outing every two months, plus a day's ferreting and a woefully unsuccessful day pigeon shooting, and two successful clay pigeon lessons, plus a couple of hours' expert reloading tuition. Not to mention my DSC1. Some of these I paid for and some were generous invitations, but for a man who had no experience and no contacts less than two years ago I definitely feel I'm now in to stalking.
    See my blog for - My kindly sponsored DSC1 course and chart my progress from deer virgin to stalking veteran
    AND my new puppy progress DIARY

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    I too would suggest contacting Barry. He is a good chap and will see you right. There are various people that offer paid stalking in the locality, some priced to be affordable, some you may need to sell a limb to shoot anything on, but you do have a choice. Barry has helped quite a few on here and if you are new to stalking and considering the dsc1, Barry used to do a stalking experience - you could ask him about that.

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    +1 contact Elmer Fudd (Barry) if you want to stay local.
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    Thanks for the replies. All have been taken on board

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    There is plentiful stalking in your area, perhaps you can send me a pm and we can have a chat. Shouldn't be an issue.

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