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Thread: Celtic v Ross County (don't click if you don't want to know the score!)

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    Celtic v Ross County (don't click if you don't want to know the score!)

    What a game. Well done the wee Highlanders,
    YES Celtic 0-Ross County 2

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    What a result and Ross County earned it. Celtic are terrible . Long may it continue

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    I'm not much of a football fan but it's nice to see the wee teams hump the superstars. Now if Raith can pull it off tomorrow what a result, and intersting final that would be - Ross or Raith in Europe. The overpaid mollycoddled superstars should hang their heads in shame.

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    Su-blo£dy-perb the luck sent paid off

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    Well done the Staggies

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    Makes you wonder how Lennon can justify 65k a week

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    Im pretty gutted about the score as im a celtic fan however i wrote the season off weeks ago so i have accepted it.

    im glad a smaller team has got to the final and I hope they do well, it's good to see that a team outside the old firm will win something.

    If the final is raith v county is there enough people in both towns to fill hampden?!

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    I was out seeing the East Fife Male Voice Chior last night. The conducter was telling us of the Raith match last time around. The bbc announcer said "They will be singing in the streets of Raith tonight." They hadn't got a clue.

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    As a Cally Thisle fan I am over the moon, brings back memories "Supercallyarefantasticcelticareatrocious" or something similar. Great for a Highland team these wegies need a shot like this and what a right and left eh 2-0. Some trophy, fandabydozy......

    Well done lads


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    A classic

    BS- Another Cally Fan

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