Having sold the rifle I have for sale a Titanium ( Lawrence) sound moderator made for my Accuracy International 338 Lapua Magnum. Will fit AWSM and AX.
This does NOT fit over the muzzle brake. It was threaded M18x1.5 (AI). The brake screws off and this screws on. Worked well
with the calibre. Simon told me he had fitted 13 baffles into it. No maintenance whatsoever to this one. Cost me 700 when made.
In addition I had TAB in the USA make me a Nomex cover to fit, another 100 so outlay new was 800.00
Not sure where to be with this, I would say offers but needing to state a price a lot of moderator for 300

Needs to be face to face and obviously with a C/F sound moderator to acquire on your FAC

Also advertised elsewhere

Thanks for looking