In the next month or so l will be clearing a large office of furniture in Crawley (the one nr Gatwick for those with no compass!).

There will be a load of desks (corner style, well built dark metal framed with a cherry coloured veneered tops) also desk pedestals (these are the under desk cupboards, again same colour, most three draw). The large storage will be re-used by the current occupants, but, there is a load of white boards, and some other office type items.

There will be a full inventory to follow, and l'll be sorting the piss from the pips (rubbish) so the list will only contain good condition items, and you will not be expected to take any rubbish away as part of the deal.

Ideally l would like to get this sold as one lot, but l will be open to singular item purchases. I can also have any of the furniture delivered to any part of the country (at your cost) and the guys l use to do so, are very cheap!

At the minute l'm looking for people interested, so if you are in the market for items like these PM me your email address and l'll send some pictures through as soon as l get to site (10 days time).....We could be talking upwards of 30 desks/chairs etc!