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Thread: The Red Gods of Shooting

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    The Red Gods of Shooting

    Sometimes they frown upon you and you can't hit the ground aiming between your feet.
    Sometimes they smile upon you and allow you to shoot as good as you can.
    Then there's the odd times when they smile, pat you on the back and buy you a drink while introducing you to a hot blonde named Lady Luck.

    You know when this has happened because you shoot a group like this off hand in front of a groups of club members. It took all the self control I could muster to keep a straight face.~Muir

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    Awesome shooting!

    Stealthy, like a giraffe on roller-skates....

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    Bloody good shooting Muir. Is that alot of lady luck, because I probably couldn't hit the cardboard of hand.

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    You got to be pleased with that, who would'nt be.


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    You and your practice 308 T3 Lite, got lucky again I see . Does this mean you went shooting and did not do the threatened oil change on your truck!

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAYB View Post
    You and your practice 308 T3 Lite, got lucky again I see . Does this mean you went shooting and did not do the threatened oil change on your truck!

    No. I didn't change the oil. She came home from her meeting so we went to lunch. In the end, I ended up going out with my friend Rob to check his fields and a broken 120' boom on his sprayer and then went shooting.
    And yes, there is a HUGE amount of luck in that group! I'm usually in the 3-5" class, on a really good day, the 2-4" class. This was....quite a bit of luck. Not that I don't practice, but this was extraordinary. Rob just grinned and said something about Lottery tickets....~Muir

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    Good grouping but at what distance.

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    Top shooting Muir!
    I can't help thinking there's not as much 'luck' involved as your suggesting though.
    ATB Lee

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobby18 View Post
    Good grouping but at what distance.
    Huh!I guess that putting down the distance would have been informative. I shoot this kind of target so much, and have posted about it so many times, that I just assume everyone knows I'm shooting at 100 yards. I seldom (never, actually) come within a few inches of that kind of group.

    Leej: Thanks for the vote of confidence but that group is all luck. I practice several nights a week but that kind of grouping is random happenstance. Below is my normal "good" group when i don't screw up. ~Muir

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    Stop disbelieving in yourself.
    Keep practicing offhand, and you will shoot these groups two days in a week, then two in a row, then three in a row, then every day.

    I am a big proponent of shooting offhand, because that is the position in which you will find yourself most times. If you can shoot 2 MOA or tighter offhand, you will shoot a lot tighter sitting and kneeling, or on a coat over a log, or a hat in the crotch of a tree - if you practice those, too. It is like shooting basketball: shooting one type of shot well improves all your other shots, because each one requires honing of a nuance.

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