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Thread: Sub Contractor

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    Sub Contractor

    looking for experienced sub contractor for upcoming deer contracts must have relevant Dmq1 Dmq2 First Aid Quad Certificate Firearms Ticket Driving Licence Current 4x4 etc

    Please P.m for further information

    regards Spotlight

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    were abouts/ what area

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    Anywhere near me.Wf1

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    Quote Originally Posted by mannlicher View Post
    were abouts/ what area
    Think theres a clue He come from Aberdeen

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    Quote Originally Posted by roedeerred View Post
    Think theres a clue He come from Aberdeen
    stupid answer that there's contracts all-over Scotland just now

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    Sadly they're not confined to scotland .

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    Hi contracts are in Perthshire & Argyll !

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    Doing my level 2 on the 19th October then good to go.....All other paperwork in place, First Aid + F, Quad Bike, Manual Handling.......Owner of Quad and Trailer, and decent deer dog.

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