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Thread: Copied from Shooting Community Forum (Ticks)

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    Copied from Shooting Community Forum (Ticks)

    Tick Prevention Week starts on Monday... below is the link to the BADA-UK Website and my husbands story of how he lives with having Lyme Disease! Please just take a few minutes to read it...... you could also have a look at other sufferers stories, or find out some information on our website!..... ... s/andy.php

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    Thanks to whoever sorted out my lash up
    Lisa who posted this does volunteer work for BADA

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    Decided to carry a Roe last week and found five ticks on me......... urrgh Last time I carry out a deer without using my roe sack I can tell you. My skin is still crawling at just the thought of them.

    My missus always played her face at checking me until I got her to read some of the stories here and talking to BADA at Gamefairs and telling her to do it for five minutes or spend a lifetime caring for me.

    It tells a story when she opted for the five minutes, the downside is I'd better not get ill with anything cos she aint gonna help

    Keep safe peeps this is a completely avoidable condition.


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