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Thread: 308 Rifle

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    308 Rifle

    I am looking for a 308, I am on a tight budget, ideally a synthetic stock.
    Must be screw cut, and able to send via RFD.
    Let me know what you got.

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    It's also worth a look. ......For Sale: Tikka M595 .308, Swarovski 2.5-10, ASE Mod

    Also good to know your budget......

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    I'm about to sell my Tikka M595 stainless synthetic. .308, screw cut 1/2 x20, 1:11 twist.

    Hasn't done much work, only reason for sale is that I've decided to buy a Sako.

    PM me if you want any pictures.
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    From one dorset boy to yourself a favour and chat to Huw (dorset taff) about this one For Sale: Steyr Mannlicher L .308
    It really is a cracking rifle.

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    Out of my budget, but thanks

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    TWG1 - Tried to reply to your PM but your inbox is full.

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    I've got a Remmy 700 SPS Stainless, only shot 50rds for barrel break in and load development. Never been shot outside. 3-12x50 Meopta Artemis scope (4A ret), threaded 1/2UNF with a wildcat predator P8 moderator. All the load data, loaded ammo, heads, powder, brass, primers and dies. 1,300 for the complete package. This will be listed on here at the weekend when I can get some photos.

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