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    Historic weekend

    It was a weekend of free admission to parks and museums around Tennessee, USA this past weekend, and I took a bit of advantage to wander through the Crockett Tavern, a reconstruction, from bits and pieces of the 1790s, of the home of Davy Crockett, where his parents lived. As I grew up in a colonial home of that era, I have had my hand of a lot of the things now in this museum, but that only made it more exciting. I wish every boy could go there.

    But a big thrill was a visit to Fort Loudon, built by the South Carolina Militia for the British Army in 1756, to help their Cherokee allies defend the center of their nation from attacks by the French. It is a tragic story, but I found even more personal connections, such as that it was based on a treatise on building forts on the frontier by one of my ancestors, a recent German immigrant, a civil engineer, and former Prussian Army officer.Click image for larger version. 

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    After almost 200 years, the fort is being restored, and I hope more people go out of their way to see it. It was a rainy day, and I was the only one there for two hours. Not a car, not a sound, sign of a power or phone line, only one boat. The river off this point is now under a small reservoir.

    Here is a photo from the gate, of the staff headquarters, and another to the south, looking to the mountains of North Carolina, 5,000 to 6,600 feet.

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    Interesting Stuff we don't get taught much about American history here nearest I know was after watching last of the Mohicans the film which shows similar constructions to what you've shown ,but the castles and alike around the British isles get lots of visitors although they have to be given a touch of Disney to make some kids imaginations get flowing .
    do you get many English / French tourists looking to find out more about the English French war over the pond ?
    Cheers Norma

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    do you get many English / French tourists looking to find out more about the English French war over the pond ?
    To answer that, I suppose I would have to look at the visitor books to see who signed in.

    Historic sites like these are less known, so I suspect most of the foreign tourists visit the big name sites.

    I knew a bit about Fort Loudon from the more comprehensive history classes we had in school. I was reminded of this site last year when I saw a re-enactment which had a contingent from the UK, in period uniform. Louis Phillipe, later the King of France, visited this fort in 1799, when it was abandoned and very difficult to visit, as most of this area had few settlers, a 100 mile journey by horse through the mountains from the upper western corner of South Carolina, or 700 miles by river from New Orleans.

    In researching my Scot ancestry, I have found that many Scots have a keen interest in where their cousins went in America, Canada and Australia.
    Here is the view south, to the NC mountains.
    Click image for larger version. 

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