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Thread: 3 Nuns on a plane

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    3 Nuns on a plane

    3 Nuns on a plane, the plane crashes and everyone on board is killed , the 3 nuns go to heaven and waiting at the pearly gates is St. Peter.

    He says to the 3 nuns .
    While you have led such a virtuous life I am going to send you back on earth, but this time you have to go back as someone who has not led such a virtuous existance.

    First nun said I would like to go back as Marlyn Monroe she had a reputation
    Ok Off you go said St Peter

    The Second nun said I would like to go back as Christine Keeler she had a reputation for the company of plenty of the opposite sex
    Ok said St Peter off you go

    Third nun said I would like to go back as Saraha Pipelinee
    St Peter said who the hecks that never heard of her.
    The third nun said she was very famous and that she had been reading an article in the newspaper which had been on the front page when the plane had crashed.

    St Peter have you still got the paper let me have a look.

    Sure enough the headlines read like this

    Worlds first major achievement.
    Sahara Pipe Line laid by thousand men in one day
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