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Thread: The New Forest - Amazing place!!

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    The New Forest - Amazing place!!

    After having a cracking time in The New Forest last week I'd forgotten just how amazing the area is!! We used to holiday there each year when we were kids but I haven'nt been back for some years myself and it was wonderful to take the kids out to places I used to go to many years ago.

    Any of you guys that get to stalk there are very lucky indeed.

    The old camper got us there without too much trouble and we got some special looks chugging along at 50 all the way down from Peterborough!!

    The kids & Mrs were'nt sure about my attire though!!

    And I didn't need to worry about spotting the deer!! I got woke up the 1st morning by something moving the camper and as I peered out the window a Fallow buck was scratching it's arris on the van like an old donkey!! If I hadn't seen it myself I would'nt have thought they would do that!!

    Every night around 25 of them came onto our bit of the site and then vacated by 6am when people started to stir!!

    I hid behind the windbreak watching this chap and you wouldn't believe how noisy they are eating too!!

    And these were right outside my awning at 5am most mornings!! There was a lot of clover in with the grass where we were so maybe they like that a lot?!

    I managed to get my stalking fix, but with a camera for a change. Whilst out on our bikes I happened across the area where my parents took me as a kid to watch the deer next to a railway line near Roundhill campsite. The paddocks were still there but the surrounding area had grown quite a lot. I mooched alongside one paddock and spotted a rear end of what I thought initially was a Fallow sticking out of some trees at around 150yds away. I scanned the area thinking there would be more, but she was alone. This got me thinking that it was a bit strange and sure enough when I got a bit closer and she moved, I could see the white glands on the back legs and it was a Sika hind which I never knew were present!!

    After an age and with squeeky boots which had dried out in the awning , I got to within 50 yards or so with the camera at the ready. But, as I had it on silent & I've not used it much I couldn't get the damn thing to focus properly and the pics never came out great initially!

    Luckily she decided to turn and head back my way so I got a decent pic before a woodpecker let out a screech and she spotted me under a tree!! She turned and bounded into cover but then stopped and watched me, giving an alarm squeek a few times before departing. I'll add a video later which has the added comedy value of me knocking over my thumbstick and squeeky boots, although as it was on my phone you can't see her in the trees unfortunately!! An unbelievable experience all the same!!

    If you've never been then I would suggest adding it to your list of places to visit if you get the chance,

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    Stratts great write up and pics
    must have been great to take your kids back where you went as a lad
    The camper and set up look smart
    regards pete

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    I think they (and the Mrs) got fed up with me saying 'when I was a lad'!!!
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    That's a nice post feller I enjoyed it , We also love it down there you can call deer and enjoy a cream tea in the same hour , its one of our fav places to go for a short holiday when the game fair is on down that way , then off out night beach fishing with the lad priceless days.

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    Very good write up mate ,looks like you had some fun and good weather,its been pants up here sun two mins at a time 70mph winds and rain,atb doug,

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    dont forget if they dont like ,when i wer a lad switch to during the war and in my young uns never ad it so good

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    Nice write up stratts looks like a great time was had

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    Nice camper. I spent a week down there when I had a t25. Great place to go. I couldn't believe how close you can get to the deer.
    About 3 years ago we were at minsmere reserve and you were within 10 yards of a few hinds.
    I now have a 71 Westy that I have been restoring. Will be on the road in the next couple weeks so maybe I can get back down to the new forest.
    Regards dan

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    Here's the video of the alarm squeek. (Maybe she was reacting to my boots!!) Unfortunately it was taken on my phone and you can't quite see her in the bushes. After thinking about it a bit more, it may be that she had a calf close by which is why she hung around after seeing me, and after zooming in on the last pic it looks like she may have swolen teets. Would anyone agree?


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