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Thread: PayPal notification of SD supporter fee returned

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    PayPal notification of SD supporter fee returned

    Hi admin,

    I have emailed but no reply , hopefully you will see this .
    I have had an email form PayPal saying my automatic renewal for SD supporter had been returned .

    Can you confirm if you,have taken it if not what happens from here?


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    Hi Paul

    I think you get tossed in to the fires of eternity now
    Official Sponsor to Team GB F Class

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    Alex will be able to help you with this, he knows about such things. However you must remember that he does have a life, as we all do, and it is not always possible to log on everyday, we are not a business I am afraid so we cannot provide the resources to operate in a completely business like way, although we do try our best. Did you ask PayPal why it had been returned?, I suggest you send Alex a PM.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Cheers jay b will do , I wasn't expecting quick reply , I appreciate you guys are busy

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    You guys working away in background .... Thank you ....
    Dunnoe who etc but went thru tonight .

    Cheers guys


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    I looked in the logs. Did you try manually sending a payment to sales@.... ?

    Not sure where you got that email address from but our paypal address is payments@... that's why it failed. By the looks of things your subscription is recurring and it autorenewed on it's own anyway so it's all good. Just ignore the reminder next month saying its going to expire, if you are set up as recurring it won't. If does expire your Supporter badge will disappear and you can just renew manually via the subscriptions page.

    thanks for your support


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    No problem Alex , first I knew was email saying it had been returned , but 3 or 4 day later it went thru itself ,,, I didn't do anything , assumed it was you end


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