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Thread: How many magpie decoys?

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    How many magpie decoys?

    I am about to get stuck in to a "concentrated" effort on the magpie population on a couple of my permissions. The question I wan't to ask is how many decoy magpies would other "vermin/magpie shooters" suggest to use please? Also, as I am about to buy a few new magpie decoys do flocked magpie decoys hold any major advantage over "standard" non-flocked ones?

    I do have a couple of larsen traps which I am servicing/readying which will be put in use in the next couple of days but I will be concentrating on the magpies with the shotgun also!

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    I find bird of prey decoys better
    Had no luck with magpie decoys

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    One of the most astute birds in our countryside will need more than decoys of other magpies to get him into shotgun range imo, Larsens are very effective, however if you are going to shoot them i would suggest an alternative. From my limited experience they have fallen to both stealthy airgunning, baited to a dead rabbit within rimfire or CF distance, or with a predator decoy. Most of the Magpies I have shot with a shotgun have been by chance, others may have better solutions, atb

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    One thing I have had success with is using the first dead one as a decoy

    had a lucky air rifle shot and took three more in quick succession using the first body

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    I find bird of prey decoys better
    Had no luck with magpie decoys

    Any particular type please?

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    Owl work well. I read on here that someone uses a stuffed Buzzard to very good effect, I am looking for one of these as where I am it would be perfect.
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    Larsen traps are by far the most effective, they work 24/7
    really ought to have been out a couple of months ago.
    put them where you can get close with a motor and call to check them every day (I used to do it before going to work )
    A friend took the job over a few years ago when he retired and enjoys it he now runs 12 traps on our and a couple of adjoining shoots he has just passed 160 mixed crows and magpies this year .
    He gets invited to shoot with us but refuses saying its reward enough just seeing lapwings/curlews etc having good breeding survival rates
    He has had very little interference with his traps this year since we let it be known that cameras are used around the shoot.

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    I find an owl decoy works very well also try putting a bit of roadkill out where you want to shoot that usually brings the little bustards into range

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    Bit late in the year to start, we shoot alot in Jan/Feb tucked up in a barn overlooking a silage clamp, pre dawn start, use either .22 air rifle or LR with Magtechs, great sport.

    Multi catch Larsen is the most effective tool esp at the start of the breeding season.


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    do not forget to take a 'call' - I still use 3 3/8 metal balls in an old film canister - am not convinced it draws in the more wily dominant birds but certainly fools the odd young 'un when used in conjunction with a single lofted decoy acting as a territory 'poacher' - reckon the best 'bait' is a freshly shot rabbit, half gutted. If there is anyone on the edge of your ground feeding the song birds the maggies usually take a look at regular intervals and will have regular routes so as always observation should show you some good visited trees/hedgerows to set up near.

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