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Thread: Another addition

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    Another addition

    Last couple of months I have been contemplating requiring another teckel. So as you do I was perusing availability or miniture wire haired teckels. O bugger one was available not to far from me. After a conversation over the phone I was emailed information that I was informed about as I wanted to do various checks to verify what they said. Like said not to far from me is a mini wire haired teckel available from a healthy litter. As it turns out sire holds excellent breeding/blood lines from across Europe claiming prizes and recognition amongst teckels passing various tests for a couple of consecutive years running. The dam is from one of the main established recognised breeders in this country who as it stands I speak to occasionally.
    so after a viewing with the mrs. I was hooked. Didn't take much to persuade the mrs either. Thankfully we both agreed on the same pup. The owners were amazing, hospaltality was outstanding no rush asking questions. Had all paper work ready to show us inc Lafora tests and Pra. Showing full breeding lines on both sire and dam.

    So after another chat with the mrs we are collecting him in two weeks. My oldest teckel is at a very good standard, my second is not as good as I was hoping however she is cracking at flushing inc very responsive to the whistle. Nest of both worlds really. But my new addition I'm really going to work harder on him.

    Now comes the fun but hard part. What to call him, ideas are welcome but I'm picky. I like tradition names so spending time googling inc looking for meanings to the names.

    Suggestions welcome and I'll post pictures etc upon collection. I'm going to set a blog effect up or bump the post up to keep all informed inc my current teckls.

    Names suggestions........

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    Ragnor or Loki
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    Well Weeman, good for you. The one I got recently has the kennel name of Bomber and I'll tell you it's very appropriate! I've never had a dog with so much energy.
    Naturally we have given him a traditional Scottish name, which, at the minute, 13 weeks, he responds to when he can be bothered, but every day he gives us great pleasure.
    You have fun and thanks for all your help and advice.

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    Good work, with three you can start your own driven hunts!

    Can't help you with names, mine are all Russian.
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    Oi or Come Back as that seems to be the most used in and around the shoots I have been on lol

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    I'm warming to Hector

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    They are just great characters and little sods at time as I'm sure you know, as for names, we called ours Harley and it really suits him!

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