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Thread: Defrosting Venison

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    Defrosting Venison

    I have several roe haunches in the freezer and generally cook then whole for dinner parties etc once defrosted. If I defrost and de-bone the haunch and joint it I understand I can refreeze jointss to eat another time.
    Would like your thoughts on this as I have been told, because there is virtually no fat in lean venison its ok to refreeze and then defrost for later cooking.
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    Keep it under 4C at all times & you 'll be fine I do it all the time when I make sausages. In fact, partially-frozen meat minces better & the sausages are then refrozen.
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    Personally, I wouldn't, but a quick search of the net (mostly US sites) say its ok, although they do lean towards Woodsmoke's temp idea by thawing in the fridge. Most say you may have loss of flavour

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