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Thread: Left handed stock, right handed bolt

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    Left handed stock, right handed bolt

    Having looked around for a while to no result I wondered whether anyone knew of any centre fire rifles with a left handed stock whilst retaining a right handed bolt.

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    Blaser is one, the R8 and R93 can have the bolt handle one either side and the Palm swells on the synthetic stock can be on either or both sides as I remember reading on here. Someone set one up with swells on both sides so that it could be used by left or right handers simply by swapping the bolts over.


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    I suffer the same and have learnt to use right hand stocks, that was until I bought my tikka with a true ambidextrous stock. Makes a big difference. There are some good ambidextrous stocks out there, hogue do a good one. The alternative is to get a gunsmith to make you one. My local one in Devon quite happily would make me a custom one out of walnut, only issue the cost 1700!
    that said they are beautiful.


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    Yes, if you are on a budget and want a well built rifle in the format you describe I would recommend the Voere 2155 or 2165.
    Lovely made rifles on a proper 98 action.
    I owned one myself with left hand stock and right hand bolt years ago in 8x57.
    They have a big range of calibres too.

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    Take a look at Boyds Gunstocks, they do plenty of stocks in a left handed shooter / right handed bolt.

    I bought one of their Featherweight Thumbhole stocks when I had a Parker Hale .243, great stock and it cost me 126 delivered from the USA including import duties.

    Boyds Gunstocks - Custom Gunstocks | Custom Hardwood Gunstocks

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    GRS riflestocks make them. You may find a chat with SSS - Staffordshire Synthetic Stocks beneficial too......
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    Tried to get a left hand bolt from Blaser and it is about 200 more than the R/H .One dealer said it was disgusting and they were discriminating against left hand shooters ? I asked Blaser and they said it was a reasonable charge to cover their R/D costs cant imagine what R/D costs on something they already produce in R/H ???
    sounds more like R-- O-- costs.


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    Something I've looked at before - does anyone have any experience of a Boyds stock with a Sako Finnlight by any chance?

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    With modern stock components these days you could buy a true left handed stock with the bolt on the left. Then a gunsmith could easily convert the stock so it would accept a right hand bolt. I've had one done except mine was an ambidextrous right hand bolt stock which I had made to left handed bolt.

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    That could be one route - just wondering if anyone has gone down the Boyd route with a Sako as I'm considering getting one. From the lack of replies I'm guessing no-one has paired a Boyds with a Sako? I'm after laminated stock to mate to my .308 Finnlight barrel.


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