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Thread: cut or button rifle barrels versus hammer forged barrels

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    cut or button rifle barrels versus hammer forged barrels

    Hi all
    Opinions on button and cut barrels being more accurate than hammer forged barrels or is there no difference.

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    Hammer forged tend to last a bit longer as they are harder, also harder to machine. But my bartlein cut barrel outshoots all of my others.
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    Others as in what pete..?

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    Others as in what pete...?

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    If you shoot thousands of rounds a year it probably is a real factor in your choice of barrel. I have used all 3 main forms of barrel and don't really see much difference. If it comes from a manufacturer who is trusted, then it will be a good barrel whatever way they make the rifling. I have a heavy, match .224 barrel by Shilen made in 1991 on my Martini Cadet. There is a replacement barrel (Sprinter made, heavy match, Cut-rifled) in the cupboard waiting for a time when the Shilen wears out. 3000+ rounds later and it is still waiting, as the Shilen still shoots better than me most days. There's heaps of posts about this on American sites. It can start a 'flame war'. Some very strong opinions out there.
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    Lifespan of a barrel is not easy to define. What defines a barrel as being shot out?
    Fact is one does not see too many hammer forged barrels in F Class or BR, at least not in the top rankings.
    My take is that on an average the cut barrels will outshoot buttoned and these will outshoot hammer forged.
    I have all three versions. Some hammer forged barrels I had did shoot very well but others were really lousy. All
    button or cut barrels I had or have are incredibly accurate and reliably accurate.
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    Forget hammer forged for a minute, IMO there is no better or worse between button or cut rifled barrels, one time a cut barrel will outshoot a buttoned barrel and then vice versa, both can be done badly and both can be done well.
    Put two good ones side by side both chambered by someone who knows what they are doing and fire several hundred rounds, i doubt very much you will get an eventual winner.


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    Save your hard earned, by a button rifle barrel, the difference between them isn't worth mentioning, however, you do get good and bad with cut and button barrels. Out of the 40 or so button rifle barrels I've fitted this year, none have showed any issues and are extremely accurate and consistent.

    200 verses 300 + not worth it but personal choice.

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    From a production perspective each method of rifling has it's advantages and disadvantages. From an accuracy standpoint, I have yet to be able to distinguish between button and cut barrels. I have never owned a hammer forged barrel but I can say that nobody I know that competes uses hammer forged barrels.
    I currently have 2 sporting barrels one cut the other buttoned and both shoot 0.5 MOA. My current .308 match barrels are all Schneider button drawn polygon rifled and are superb. I used Krieger cut barrels and Maddco button barrels, so you see I have no preference. Most times, as far as my .308 TR rifle is concerned it comes down to what ever is available at the time, and when I am attending a lot of prize meets a .308 barrel might last 12-18 months.
    I would be more than chuffed to be able to continue with Gary Schneider's button barrels but they are no longer available here.

    Something to ponder ...... the life of a barrel is approximately 3-5 seconds.


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    Why are the different techniques thought to have an effect on accuracy?

    Naively, I would have thought hammer forged would be the most accurate since there are no tool marks?

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