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Thread: Kwik Klip magazine conversion for Remington 700

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    Kwik Klip magazine conversion for Remington 700

    Anyone know where in the UK I can get a Kwik Klip magazine conversion kit for my Remington 700 CDL in .243? Perfectly happy with second-hand...

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    I think they only do them in long action ie 30-06, 270 etc

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    Thanks for this. I can see them on Cabelas in short action, but Cabelas won't post it to the UK!

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    Just resurrecting this thread in case anyone has any idea how I can get hold of one. Thanks.

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    Hi buddy had one on his .308 it was a waste of time did not feed right rattled and marked brass when feeding it was fitted by a gunsmith he ended up getting a ai bottom metal worked perfect

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