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Thread: 5yr Old Black Lab at Stud

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    5yr Old Black Lab at Stud

    I'm keen our 5yr old working lab passes on his genes so, having not done much about it to date, if anyone has a bitch and wants a litter:

    Hips:5,3 - Eyes and elbows clear.

    He has an incredible temperament - having been around dogs for the most of my life, his is something special. Although from excellent working lines he is 95% pet due to my long absences away from home with work. His behaviour around our two children (4yrs & 18mths) is phenomenal. I let him down in the field but he still turns out some excellent performances on both feather and fur - simply put I don't enjoy it unless he is there to share it. Both his parents still work on shoots local to them (Sussex) and there are multiple FtCh in his pedigree. His father's side are all 0,0 hip scores for 3 generations.

    We know a number of people who want one of his offspring if the timings work which is sufficient testament.

    If anyone knows of any suitable bitches please drop me a line, we are 10 miles south of Salisbury in Dorset.



    Photos to follow....

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    Bump in order to get him a bump!

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