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Thread: Worthy of a mension

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    Worthy of a mension

    Hi all, I recently posted a thread asking for advice on where I could purchase a particular product for a small project that I'm working on and as expected on this forum I quickly received a few helpful replies.
    What I didn't expect to receive was 2 private messages from from 2 members (not traders by the way)offering to supply me with this product totally free of charge "because it was never used" or "just laying around spare".
    I just wish to publicly thank Frenchieboy and 8x57, you are both a credit to the Stalking Directory!
    ATB Lee

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    Well done gents
    There are no perfect men in this world ..... Only perfect intentions

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    It was nothing more than just about all other memebrs would have done. If we can't help each other out then there really is some sort of a problem.
    I have had many members help me throughout the years I have been a member of The Stalking Directory and I am more than happy to "return the compliment" wherever possible.
    That's what friends are for!

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