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Thread: Are people buying blasers are really limiting their options?

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    Are people buying blasers are really limiting their options?

    The blaser rifle range is bigger than the R93 or R8 success.

    Get your hands on a K95 or BBF97 and see where its really at.
    Blaser K95 Stutzen - the ultimate deer stalking rifle

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    Practicality is the name of the game... Why would i want a fancy x grade wooden stock single shot rifle for stalking deer in thick woodland, in a country where most of the days are rainy?

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    ‎Probably for the same reason some folks mount their scope with a Forth Road Bridge-like lump of steel and others with something that pleasingly integrates with both action and tube.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shootgun View Post
    Practicality is the name of the game... Why would i want a fancy x grade wooden stock single shot rifle for stalking deer in thick woodland, in a country where most of the days are rainy?
    Good points, luckily they make a grade one poverty pack so you don't cry when you drop it and scratch it. Already broken one stock, you can hardly see the join.
    Blaser K95 Stutzen - the ultimate deer stalking rifle

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    Granted lovely rifles and if money and licensing constraints were no issue, sure I would have 10 of them, but they are designed for a purpose, the k95 being light for long days alpine hunting, where weight is key and the liklihood of multiple shots minimal. You would struggle with one on a driven boar hunt or culling multiple animals from a herd for management purposes. Beautiful yes, but I'm fast coming to the conclusion that rifles are tools for a job, a job more often than not carried out by single lone individuals, often in less than great weather conditions, so fail to see the need for stunning grade woodwork etc..... If it's willy waving then save the money for a Purdey on driven pheasants where someone might actually see it and be impressed.
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    There are those that understand the joy of using fine things and those that don't.

    I love over using grandfathers brass backed tenon saw - yes I keep it in a leather case, and have to sharpen it by hand, and a10 hard point from B&q would do the job. But my grandfather built his boat in the 1950s with that saw, and I am using it to rebuild mine - that's priceless.

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    without our ridiculous laws I think many more people would have lovely stuff like this but sadly we struggle to justify numerous rifles for the same job so have to compromise with a jack of all trades.
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    X grade Wood and depictations of deer / buffalo etc on actions are all very nice but when you are out in all sorts of weather , climbing into / out off high seats and maybe retrieving a deer that's ran into undergrowth just the plain fit for purpose model with synthetic stock and blacked action is welcomed you don't have to worry about thorns scratching it etc

    and most stalkers work alone anyway so who's going to see it ?

    as for single shots what happens if your culling ? Or you require a quick second shot by the time you've loaded a second shot and got on target the beast has run in the undergrowth

    the problem with wood and stalking is your always concerned about knocking it / scratching it

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    Further back in this thread someone mentioned that his rifle was his tool rather than an ornate work of art.
    There was a time when rifles were classed as tools rather than sports equipment and most rifles were plain.
    At that time rifles attracted no purchase tax but shotguns, which were classed as sports equipment did.
    I think the only 'ornate' rifles were those that were made for gentry or imported from Europe where decoration was more prolific.
    I must admit, that if I have a blank day I can always admire the figuring on my wooden stocked Blaser so not an entirely wasted day i

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    I have mixed feelings about this one, and I think I agree with just about everything said on this thread.
    If we are honest synthetic is incredibly practical nothing beats it. Which is why my main go to rifle is my Blaser R8 professional.
    It takes a knock and when its covered in red dust I can just strip it down in seconds and just hose the thing down or put it under the shower, dry it and spray the oil on.
    But if I am honest I love beautle walnut and the art of the engraver.
    If you can afford a Purdy or Rigby good luck to you I say!
    I have a lovely Merkel sidelock with my English cocker spaniel and German shorthaired pointer engraved and set in silver on the sideplates. It's a stunning gun that is so sweet to handle and gives you a sense of pleasure to use that you just can't get from a piece of plastic.
    I really respect the top makers and the craftsmen that work for them.
    I get a lot of pleasure showing my Merkel to non shooters, people that have an idea in their head that guns are well...steel things that kill.
    I remember showing one woman once, who to be honest was at first a little anti shooting and anti gun.
    When she had a close look at my Merkel and our two dogs engraved etc on the side she made the comment " That gun is a piece of art".
    But when chasing deer and pigs through the scrub I will grab the Blaser everytime and not give a second thoght to how I treat it or clean it.
    They all have the place I reckon.
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