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Thread: .410 Reloading Bits

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    .410 Reloading Bits

    Hi All -- I just got a wee 410 to teach the grandson with & am on the look out for some reloading kit & consumables for it.

    I particularly want a crimp starter & a Roll Turn Over tool as I will be doing both roll & six point crimping. A sizing die wouldn't go amiss too.

    I have Mec, Pacific & Lee 12 bore loaders so the conversion kit may be an idea although I can hand load them with a simple set of punches.

    If you have anything lying around (tools, wads, hulls etc) that needs a good home just let me know please.


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    Have you thought about converting .303 brass?

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    Look on google or ebay for Lanes reloading in america got a hand loading kit for little money cant remember exactly how much but wasnt much regards dave

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    I have .444 brass new and used once cases if any good to you. Ideal for reloading, last you long time. thanks

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    TA -- I did think about converting 303, but the cost of brass & the tooling needed is puting me off, plus it is too short for full 19 gram loads. I can get plastic 2.5" & 3" cases reasonably easily. The 2.5" come from Siarm in Italy unprimed at a good price, & there are a couple of UK suppliers of 3" primed.
    The 444 Marlin idea is a good one for the lighter loadings - thanks Serky - Please let me know the condition of the fired cases & price of what youy have both new & fired.
    As for the tooling - Thanks for the link Chunky, I made a depriming punch & anvil, a wad / priming punch yesterday so now I only need the turnover starter or roll turn over tool. If I get no offers of used ones I can buy a MEC crimp starter & make a finishing punch & sizing die body when next on my mate's lathe.
    A RTO head is a fiddly bit to turn needing a special form tool so I suppose I'll have to buy one.


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    got a mec 600 in 410 for sale

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    Quote Originally Posted by TA6319 View Post
    Have you thought about converting .303 brass?

    if you only have a Shotgun cert you cannot buy Rifle Primers

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