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Thread: Mannlicher stutzen what are they like

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    Mannlicher stutzen what are they like

    If you have owned one please let me have your coments

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trufflehunting View Post
    If you have owned one please let me have your coments

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    Stunning looking guns, inherently accurate a pleasure to own that's why I've got two of them one .243 the other 30-06 you need to buy at least one you won't regret it, it's a pity you weren't closer you could have had a go on mine bazil

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    My first Mannlicher carbine was a scratched up MCA .30-06 I bought in Wyoming, from a sheep hunter who was getting a new Model M Stutzen in .270. I took some game with it, and sold it after a few years, thinking I would buy new one soon. But I got married and working and finally just had to start shopping for one again.

    I have owed a Model 1903, made in 1951 ( near as I can figure ), in 6.5x54 MS, with about a 19-inch barrel and Zeiss 4x in MS factory QD mounts. I bought it from the original owner, simply because I could not permit it to possible fall into the wrong hands. "Delightful" is the best word. A perfect woods rifle. A gun dealer friend was selling it for the original owner, so I got several boxes of ammunition with the deal. I sold it to a friend who had been searching for one for twenty years, for his "Safari Collection", and he did take it to Africa on his second trip there. In the year I had it, it took three whitetail deer.

    Later, I bought an MCA carbine in .243, same sort of mounts and period Redfield scope, in pristine condition. I am not a .243 man ( already have .250 Savage 99 and .257 Roberts). Should never have sold it. I was not thinking ahead to what my daughter might have wanted.

    I have owed several full rifles, and currently own three which I plan to keep.

    My current stutzen is a 1970s Model M Luxus in oil finish, in .270 Winchester. The rings were missing from the factory turn off mounts, so I put on Warne bases and a scope in QD rings. Iron sights are primary, so the rifle only weighs 6.5 lbs loaded. Current scopes are a 4x32 and a 1.5-6x42mm with 4A reticle. I am putting together a leather case and sling to take them along with me, but the 4x32 fits into the pockets of some of my shooting coats. I bought it because of the rifle, not the caliber, but it has grown on me in this carbine, in spite of my other .270s. I am getting surprisingly high velocities.
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20150501_205653645.jpg 
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ID:	57732I bought a Steyr Mannlicher stutzen in .308 ,and it is a dream to carry ,no bipod no moderator just a lovely lightweight rifle that shoots great for long walks on the hill and in the forestry its just fine.
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    I can't believe I haven't answered this thread yet... I have a Steyr Mannlicher Classic in 7mm-08 and I have no intention of parting with it. One of the main reasons I chose it was because of the handling. I picked up a lot of rifles when researching and this configuration just came up beautifully for me. The stock design also takes out any worries about recoil and therefore flinching. Apart from having cleanly killed all the deer I've shot it at, down on the range I have also shot 98 on the stalker test at 100m. I say that simply to highlight the point that despite having a thin barrel and not being made for sustained numbers of shots, it still puts all the bullets in the bullseye of the roe target (I think 10cm across) ten times in a row, so it's plenty accurate enough. Essentially it's lovely. But it's mine. Buy your own!

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    Don't stop at the deer rifle:

    Sako M-78 .22LR Stutzen

    The enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

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    I had a 308 Mannlicher Stutzen model M (the one with plastic furniture & rotary magazine) for many years - It shot very well when handled properly. A super woodland rifle & very light for long hikes!
    I now have one in 30-06 This one is the older Luxus model with single stacking steel magazine & furniture & tang safety. This also shoots very well & is even nicer! It is more solid feeling & a wee bit heavier than the 308 but still light enough to carry all day. The finish on these rifles is delightful!
    Both rifles recoil a bit, so not a wuss's toy. Hold them properly & they do the job.
    I won't be getting rid of my 30-06 for sure.


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    I know a man who's got one in 243 for sale single trigger low shot count !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klenchblaize View Post
    Don't stop at the deer rifle:

    Sako M-78 .22LR Stutzen

    I don't intend to stop at the deer rifle. I think a CZ fullstock carbine in .223 is on my agenda.

    And the Sako stutzens are very nice, too, very solid and pretty. I especially like the older ones. A 9.3x62 or .375 H&H in a Sako carbine is a serious brush and woods rifle for mean game.

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