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Thread: What is the funniest moment had shooting?

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    What is the funniest moment had shooting?

    Hi guys I just wondered what is the funniest thing that's happened to you while shooting?

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    two female golfers popped behind a bush and dropped their pants for a pee while I was up a high seat just 50 odd feet away, a tandem moon you may say, they seemed to natter on for ages... I could not help myself after their actions to say 'good day ladies', from that second it was like a Benny Hill run around. that has stayed with me for along time.
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    Walking just behind a ghillie of his right shoulder showing respect and I went Rs over t1t down a hole he carried on walking and passing on his wisdom completely unaware that I had gone awal.

    I got up run back in line and to this day.....Kevin has no idea thats what happened,


    Come here there's more".........laters dude.
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    Many years ago I used to be in a rough shooting syndicate, another member was a frenchman called George who was great company but did not always get a grasp of British sporting traditions. Well anyway we were beating through a small oak wood, in the distance we could hear the sound of a hunting horn, the foot beagles were apparently nearby. We observed the hounds, separated from the master and whips by about two fields and a further two fields behind these were the rest of the followers. They grew closer and suddenly a hare bounded up the woodland ride which was swiftly despatched, What are you going to do now George we enquired? Why he asked? You've just shot the hare that they were hunting we informed him. At this point a look of horror grew over his face, he grabbed the hare and ran off through the woods and up the hedgerow beyond towards his car.....with a beagle pack in full cry in hot pursuit!

    atb Tim

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    I once shot a fox whilst it was having a sh%t. I still chuckle to myself about it now, was about fifteen years ago.

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    One occasion springs to mind while I was working as maintenance staff at a college. I was tucked in under a hedge on the edge of woodland in the school grounds. Had a Webley Omega .22. Been watching squirrels playing tag in a neighboring tree for several minutes when one paused and poked its head out over side of a branch. Took quick shot and hit under the jaw up into head, only squirly I've hit that didn't flap around a bit after. Before I could stand up a horrified shriek went up declaring "The squirrel just fell out of the tree !" followed by "Is it dead ?" "Do you think it's had a heart attack ?!" Unknown to me a group of four female students had walked up the field edge behind me and were obviously watching the tag game too. I managed to slip away unnoticed while they were trying to negotiate the fence.

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    I once saw someone in a kilt (worn in the traditional manner) cross a fence, only to discover it was electric as he was astride it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1st Pattern Paul View Post
    I once shot a fox whilst it was having a sh%t. I still chuckle to myself about it now, was about fifteen years ago.
    ‎I'm trying to think of one with a witness as I can't see you believing I once shot a fox with my pants around my ankles.

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    Some years ago I was out in one of my woods standing by a tree just waiting to see if anything was around. This bloke appeared who didn't see me and went off down a ride. After 10 minutes I decided to call it a day as with him walking through the woods, there was little chance of getting a result. I went off down the ride back to the vehicle when I glanced down into a clearing, there as bold as brass and stark b*****k naked was said bloke playing with himself! I was furious and shouted what the f***k do you think your'e doing! He must have jumped ten foot in the air and legged it through the undergrowth. I was that angry I went to report it to the local nick. The duty copper asked me for a description and anything else that might help identify him. I thought about it and then remembered, he was right handed! The copper p****d himself. Funny old thing I have never seen the bloke since, he must have found another wood.

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    Took my brother in law out to shoot a buck, stalked into one to about 40m and then he exclaimed he had to take a s**t really badly and disappeared for 5 minutes whilst I stood there with rifle in sticks and could have shot it several times. Then he returned looked rather much better asking if the buck was still there,,,,it was, but the wind changed/swirled and became rather unpleasant smelling! LOL!!! Buck was off! was I!

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