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Thread: Inverness Restaurant Recommendation

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    Inverness Restaurant Recommendation

    Going to be in Inverness this Sunday. Any restaurant recommendations for dinner?

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    Cafe 1 on castle street is worth a visit, or Sam's Indian if you like that.

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    Yeah go for an indian in Inverness but firstly stop in Stirling for some other good Scottish entertainment such as some Romanians playing almost recognisable accordion ditties or a Nigerian guy on the bongos or Big Issue salesfolk with shreds of clothes but go home at night in a 64 plate Golf or beggars with an empty McD cups that vibrates with the cold when you get within twelve feet of it. But our newest tourist attraction is Oxfam Chuggers that hop and skip at you looking for your bank details which i always give them gladly not telling them of course HMRC closed it in 2012.
    As for Inverness Johnny Foxes for decent family pub food and crazy stuff after dark.
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    You sure lead a full life R-D!

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    The Mustard Seed is fantastic - Just been there for lunch this past Saturday.
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    The Glen Mhor hotel restaurant has a good reputation.
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    Depends what you're after and budget. On the rare occasion my wife and I get away from the rug rats and go out we make the most of it and go for a treat at the Rocpool beside the river. Not the Rockpool reserve (unless you fancy a second mortgage), excellent food and service but expect to pay £100 + for 3 courses, beer wine etc. For two it's not a bad price and is one of the best places we go.

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    Is the Indian restaurant overlooking the river still open? That was very nice.

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    +1 for the "Rocpool" by the river, but book in advance,

    "Mustard seed" is also a nice resturant.
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    +1 for the rocpool

    +1 for sams indian
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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