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Thread: G7 meeting impact on the community

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    G7 meeting impact on the community

    I heard last night that most of the police force from my area in Bavaria have been drafted in to support the G7 meeting in south Bavaria, it is supposed to be a 17500 man strong control force costing in total 130 million euros.
    Not possible in the commercial world as they would have teleconferenced the thing and so help to save the planet.
    Obama is bringing 2000 assistants as is here being reported
    Anyone fancy a bit of breaking and entering here. What a joke the army have no other purpose at the moment I would have thought they could have done the job (good training).
    Rant over!!!!
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    reminds me of how upset all the protesters at the G8 in Gleneagles were when they tramped miles round the massive perimeter to flank the police and sneak in to the summit - when a couple of chinooks landed and disgorged a full load of riot coppers in front of them

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