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Thread: 150 hectares of surrey woodland up for sale

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    150 hectares of surrey woodland up for sale

    For anyone who knows the peaslake/Dorking area - some pretty prime woodland going up for sale, a large chunk of the Hurtwood

    The Hurtwood (part) - John Clegg & Co

    most of it is common land, so public access, though I reckon some real quality stalking ground close to London nonetheless.

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    Called John Clegg asked if included the sporting rights. The sporting rights are included in the sale.

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    Read the Hurtwood freinds agreement scroll down on the link page

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    it says as much in the sales brochure, along with other relevant information.


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    looks great, but if I had 1.4 million to spend on land Id not want every man and his dog wandering over it, so would be giving them there 6 months notice from day 1 of my ownership lol

    so whos gonna give me 1.4 milion then?lol


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    KJF - I think its nearly all registered common land, so although revocation of the s193 LOPA agreement would remove the 'air and exercise' clause from horse riders, the more recent CROW access land legislation would still give full access to walkers.

    youd probably earn your money back in no time by building a cafe at the top of pitch hill!
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