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Thread: Deer Stalking Books

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    Deer Stalking Books

    Can anyone recommend a book on deerstalking/game bird shooting suitable for a 9 year old who helps out at his family's pheasant shoot beating and already goes pigeon shooting?

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    Greyface As I Knew Him: The Life Story of a Hill Stag Paperback – 1936

    by H. Mortimer Batten (Author)

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    Woodlore For Young Sportsmen: Survival in the Wild and Hints on Hunting [Kindle Edition]

    H. Mortimer Batten (Author)

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    Really enjoyed these books when I was a bairn, long time ago though.

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    The Buck of Lordenshaw, the story of a roe deer by Henry Tegner. The wee man will enjoy that as I did at that age.

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    Not shooting exactly but might be of interest to a youngster.

    Six Pointer Buck

    Bodach the Badger

    String Lug the Fox

    All by David Stephen

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    Hey boggy string lugs going back a bit near stopped me digging back then lol

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