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Thread: How do they do deer

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    How do they do deer

    Out last night pest controlling a commercial venue that has a deer problem.

    We have built 2 towers (literaly) so we can see over the vegatation and so the shot goes to ground....lovely vista and a weird sunset.

    Last light is fast approaching and my shooting partner sees a set of legs by a conifer. They stop and he reckons it bent its head back and he thought he glimpsed antlers.

    A T3 and Nightforce swing onto the spot but nothing seen. Anyway....we are on the alert and scanning 180 field of view......the minutes tick by and nothing seen.

    The light is dropping faster the David Hasslehoffs career prospects and the huge open area we have set the tower up to cover is devoid of life bar a few rabbits.

    Two pairs of eys sweeping the whole area.....bins looking for any sign....nicht

    Then.......with all the field under observation.......there he the bloody middle of the huge patch of open ground 😮😮😮

    How the hell do they manag to do that !!!!!!

    Where do they just appear from.....

    How do they cover so much ground without being noticed.

    When he was obscured.......his legs were spotted and then he goes all Ninja and covers 100 yards faster than Hussain Bolt with the skills of the Invisible Man.

    Amazing creatures.......huge respect for these gorgous little deer.

    He was then dropped by my partner at the very very last light.......another few minutes and it would have been game over.......

    Very satisfying too as he is moving to NZ in a few weeks so it was good he grassed a very nice Roe buck.......

    Fantastic neck shot and it dropped on the spot.....All the meat intact and (unusually for us) a possible trophy to remeber the last UK Roe Doe.

    Poor bugger can only shoot big deer, pigs, Tahr and Chamois from hereon in......You really have to feel for the poor old codger haven't you.........

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    Yup always amazed at how they can just appear out of nowhere. One minute nothing seen the next there is a deer in the middle of open ground like a magician coming out of a stage trap door!


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    They have secret tunnels..... We think they are just rabbit holes!

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    Watched two mature fallow bucks last evening out with the camera they are on open ground heather mountain one a common variety one white, I watch as they disappear into a hollow time to make my move me thinks will get into position on a small knoll overlooking said wee hollow camera at the ready wind is perfect I make my approach to the desired position, guess what no deer to be seen totally vanished I scanned the entire area to no avail and then I rolled over and just laughed to gotta love it.......)

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    Waiting in a high seat late one afternoon a buck came out of a wood. He wasn't a shooter so I just watched him feed his way out onto the field. Then he curled up and disappeared ����
    I had walked that field earlier and would swear it was no more than ankle height grass.

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    Im in New Zealand and run a business for hunting and fishing,i can tell you whoever ends up here has a very good choice of hunting,we have no restrictions on hunting except elk(wapiti).we have samber,sika ,fallow,huge reds,whitetail,wapiti,tahr and chamios.then theres goats and the pigs are legendry.then of course theres the trout,average size in my lake(lake Tarawera) is 2.2 kilos.Feel sorry for your mate coming to new zealand?

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    Funny how reading a post can make you feel sick with envy

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    Enjoyed the read. Not so sure I would credit deer with "ninja" skills though - I think a lot of it is due to the way we see things. Our eyes manage colors and contrast quite well. By the same token, as we move into the grays of evening we start miss thing that are obvious or else see things that are not there. In contrast, those deer (and dogs) can't see us if we stand still, but movement even at near darkness is simple for them to spot.

    My Labradors remind me of this fact nearly every time we are out wild fowling.

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    I've noticed that some deer will skulk around just inside the wood deciding whether to come out or not and then when they make their mind up they trot straight out well into the field and just start feeding. It only takes a couple of seconds so if you were looking the other way you'd miss it, look back and there they are, feeding and settled and looking like they've been there all along.

    Others will be much more cautious and work their way out slowly and some, as said above, seem to know where all the dead ground is and how to use it!

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