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Thread: Fake Zeiss?

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    Pretty blatant fakery if it is. I'll take 6 of them at that price.....~Muir

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    Why do you think that they are made in USA it says and shipped from kongkong ������

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    But it's not a Zeiss. Looking at the Zeiss Conquest range, nothing from Zeiss looks like the scope being offered, and I can't find an option for red/green reticles mentioned either. So a pretty poor fake I'd guess.


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    Lol, should say Carl Sheitzz

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    Had me going for a minute until I started looking at all those knurled grips and focusing rings.....

    Its the old adage..."If it looks too good to be true......."

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    Looks more like a cross between a MTV and a BSA sweet nothing scope,

    Zeiss with red and green Rs,

    Got to love the bay for what it brings up,

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    Its odd that the seller has 80000 sales with 99.3% positive feedback
    I have a Zeiss Conquest scope and it looks nothing like the ones advertised and where the f--k is kongkong

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    Lots of fake Leupold happy customers....
    may be decent scopes.....just not Zeiss

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