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Thread: What stripped the Squirrel like this?

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    What stripped the Squirrel like this?

    Just found this in the pheasant pen. Backbone stripped clean and all the guts gone. Any thoughts as to what ate so efficiently?


    Click image for larger version. 

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    What ever it was it only wanted the soft bits !

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    Bird of prey or mink

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    if it was a bird of prey i would expect to see the head gone and the ribs picked clean rather than removed im not saying it definatly isnt a bird but if it is its not typical

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    Thanks guys

    Bird of prey - we have some buzzards and the occasional kestrel

    Cats , the house 200 yds from the pen has three burmese.

    Mink - saw one on the stubbles last summer.

    Trailcam set in case the killer returns.

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    That looks like a hawk has had it typical of how a hawk feeds of a carcass

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    There is no sign of plucking that you would usually find from a BOP kill, but the way it has fed from the head suggests BOP

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