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Thread: Too much "thumb slack" in Sealskinz gloves for Blaser...

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    Too much "thumb slack" in Sealskinz gloves for Blaser...

    Hello gents

    I guess this is directed towards the much maligned Blaser owners on the forum.....

    Bought some Sealkskinz gloves, with the magnetic folding trigger finger. Nice gloves, but the thumb design seems to have to much stitching/slack material, thus making the thumb action a bit too tricky for my preference.

    Anybody recommend a pair of gloves worth looking at which have good feeling in the thumbs? Will keep the sealskinz for vermin control with bolt action 22 rimfire and seems a shame to cut half the thumbs off them?

    Are Harkilla as good as they are made out to be?


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    Need to do thumb weights down the those puppies up!

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    My Sealskinz (sporting gloves) have a folding thumb and finger on both hands they're excellent.
    Virtutis Gloria Merces

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    All that I use is a pair of Barbour shooting gloves.

    atb Tim

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    I used Ron Thomson fishing gloves from go outdoors. They have Velcro to hold the glove back. However I took the Velcro off as it annoyed me and i don't think it is needed. And now I have got into the habit of shooting with my glove finger on. The trigger is so slick they when you touch it you know the next squeeze is going to make it go bang. And I think warm fingers with feeling are better than cold fingers with no feeling.

    i get cold easily.
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    Thanks chaps. Was not aware of the folding thumb sealskinz.

    Ordered a pair for 25 quid off ebay.

    Will definately need to build up my left thumb, as good as any reason to fire off lots of rounds I guess.

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