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    Deer handling

    Hello Everyone,

    Looking for a bit of advice on my first post.

    I shoot a Tikka 6.5 x 55 and have just passed my DSC1 last week. I have been out stalking twice so far although have been unsuccessful, and I have also just aquired some land to stalk on for Roe Deer.

    My question is this, I am now "trained" to successfully inspect deer carcasses prior to them being introduced to the food chain.... apparently!!

    What stages do you all go through from the point of shooting a deer to it being butchered for your own consumption or submitted to a game dealer?



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    Hi Stuey,
    Welcome to the site mate. You may want to add a couple of dvds to your collection that will give you all the information you require. They are 'BDS Gralloching and lardering for the deer stalking certificate' and 'Venison carcass cutting for the table'. Both available from the BDS website. I hope this helps!

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    Are you a BDS member?

    Your local branch will occassionally arrange weekend in which you can pop along and learn as more experienced stalkers skin, gralloch, inspect for illness and butcher the carcass.

    I went to one recently. held by the west scotland branch...surprising how much was learnt by all. The exchange of ideas, tips, skills etc particularly good.

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    Hi stuey,

    It can be a bit daunting butchering your deer first.

    Many Years ago before i butchered my own i had a butcher friend who was quite willing to joint the beast up in return for a few quid and maybe a share of the spoils. This was also a butchering lesson aswell, so i soon learned how to do it myself.
    Probably one of the hardest things to do is get the skin off, especially if it has been shot a few days previous (try to skin it ASAP if possible, as this will help the coat to come off easier).
    I used to bone the back legs out and steak them up, but nowadays just make reasonably sized joints and distribute to friends and family.
    Alternatively you can just sell it to a game dealer or butcher, but then you may not get to eat much.



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    Hi Stuey, there are several good vids on you tube on dealing with deer carcases. Have a look under the heading2deer butchering2 also gralloching. in the main these are well presented and will certainly give the beginner a good start. Good shooting.

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    doddering old keeper here again Stuey. My previous post was crap! the two 2s shouldn't be there. It should have been deer butchering and seperately, gralloching. Sorreeee.

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    hi stuey
    i hav to agree with Pete E on this as i always leave my beasts hanging in the jacket for a week or so, but then i do hav a fridge to hang them in
    but the other thing i will say if you shoot a munty then skin it warm as it is the easiest way and takes about half the time , as you are possibly going to shoot some roe bucks on this piece of ground you now hav , if you do not hav provisions for cold storage then realy you will need to skin and joint as soon as poss as wadas suggested to prevent fly blow and meat rot
    as for cutting up we all hav our different methods, but videos do help as do butchery courses

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    managed to find a local and friendly butcher/game dealer who is going to prep the carcass and show me the basics and also joint it up and make sausage with the rest.



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