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Thread: First Bucks 2010

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    First Bucks 2010

    Hi all just back from the promis land my first trip on the bucks . Went out befor first light to get on the craigh a big open hill got in to place waited for light 40 min to an hour after light glassed an old doe heavily pregnant iv seen her and her buck for three years .But culd never get on them thay always spotted me fist . Watched her till i found her buck 180 yards from her let her settle and lay down. started my stalk had to get pest her did get past 200 yrd and was 120 yrd from him he to had lay down now in the sun the doe must have got my wind out the corner of my eye i c uld see her looking at me but i allready had my cross on him she was just going to give me away .Necked him why he was sat cumfy and sleeping.let diesle find the buck did it well hes comming on well. Stalked on found another doe and big buck did my stalk across a clear fell to with in 80 yrds shot the buck let diesle frind it did the grallock whent back for breckfast.. out sat night only saw a fox. sunday watched a doe for an hour to see if ther was a buck with her sadly not. so only 2 over the weekend.. <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

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    nice one biglad busy again mate good to see the dog coming on


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    Well done Neil,

    Beasts grassed as usual...and nice to see the open bolt on the RPA!

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    Nice couple of bucks there biglad glad to see your getting stuck in
    Anglo deer management and training
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