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Thread: Sako A7 Weaver Bases Advice (Loctite or Not)

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    Sako A7 Weaver Bases Advice (Loctite or Not)

    I have a Sako A7 in 308 (from new) and its accuracy has been giving me trouble for some time.

    The ammo I use is Sako 150g Superhammer Head and of late the grouping has been getting bigger and bigger.

    I finally decided to strip off the scope mounts (Optilocks) and weaver bases. I found the screw securing the rings on the optilock bases were loose as were the screws securing the weaver bases to the action (which the rifle came fitted with).

    I have 2 questions;

    1, Should I be using a Locktite type product on the Optilock ring/bases/screws, however I don't do this on any of my other rifles.

    2, Should I be using Locktite type product or glue on the factory fit weaver bases to actually affix the 2 bases to rifle.

    I am weary of using Locktite on screw threads because of the difficulty I have experienced in the past in getting screws undone after.

    Thanks for you help and advice.


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    Use loctite 243 and you'll be fine, it holds well, and can be undone without having to heat up parts, when used sparingly. The only part I need to use heat on is the muzzle brakes, as it's quite a large thread, and I use a fair amount of loctite on them, I use it on all other fasteners on my 338 or it falls apart.
    Never use any thread lock on ring screws though, particularly the soft cheese optilock ones.
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    For what its worth, I do not loctite any rings but I would to mounts if they are fixed to the receiver. I would use a stud lock (green in colour) as they come undone with no damage to threads when removed. Not much needed it should give you piece of mind that the bases are secure and not effecting accuracy.

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    I do, and would, superglue the bases to the receiver unless I'm trying to protect bluing etc. if removed, then use threadlocker on all screws, from bases to rings. Don't use glue on screws, use threadlocker.

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    Try Loktite 222?

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    You might want to consider swapping the original weaver bases for some quality steel ones. Aluminium is light but steel is stronger.
    No harm in using some blue locktite on the threads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by old man View Post
    Try Loktite 222?
    If you must use Loctite as old man says 222 " low strength " is the only one I would recommend. It is light blue in colour, normal hand tools will break the seal without any heat required. I have also used a woman's cosmetic product called Hard as Nails.
    Ensure that you ask your wife/ GF or daughter to buy it for you though, thus avoiding any awkward moments at the shop!
    Clean the threads with alcohol and use the brush applicator to apply. And it can be dissolved with acetone.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Shootgun View Post
    You might want to consider swapping the original weaver bases for some quality steel ones. Aluminium is light but steel is stronger.
    No harm in using some blue locktite on the threads.
    +2 on this one.

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    I have had similar issues with my Sako A7 308.

    Sako recommend that the bases are glued down and that the supplied aluminium ones are not for 'heavy use'. Whatever that means.

    My rifle shot ok when I first got it. Sub 1.5 inch groups with Sako 123g 308. It got worse and worse over time though and suddenly the POI shifted by about 1ft @100m.

    Turns out that my bases weren't glued down. I've since replaced them with Talley LW one-piece mounts, had the scope serviced by swarovski and given the bore a good clean. (just to cover all the bases - if you pardon the pun...)

    I won't have a chance to check the results until next weekend but i'll post the outcome.

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    Toller, I would be very interested to see how you get on.
    I would suggest that when you have got it to a reasonable zero is to put 15/20 rounds through it and see if the zero changes (ie the mounts become loose). All the advice I am getting from gunsmiths and dealers is not to glue the mounts down and you should not have to glue them.
    What disappoints me about the rifle is Sako are recommending putting on more robust mounts with the heavier calibres which begs the question. If you supply a 308 calibre rifle then supply the mounts that will do the job.

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