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Thread: .300 Winmag Steyr Männlicher Pro Hunter 2 (reduced price - must go)

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    .300 Winmag Steyr Männlicher Pro Hunter 2 (reduced price - must go)

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    I've been contacted and accepted TWO offers on this weapon from people on this site, who then subsequently failed to continue the sale. These timewasters (you know who you are) have caused me to have to advertise this rifle again.

    For sale is my Steyr Mannlicher Pro Hunter 2 in .300 Winmag.

    Has shot around 500 rounds, mostly a mild handload that runs around 2600fps. Certainly not a barrel burning load, but when coupled with Barnes TSX in 180 grain, is very accurate and devastating on arrival. Proven regularly on many deer from Muntjac through to Red.
    The barrel has been shortened to 55.4cm (21 3/4") and screwcut with a 1/2" UNF thread.
    In this length it shoots very well, and I've posted a photo showing it's accuracy at 150m, off bipod in the field.
    My profile pic is it at 100m. The camera doesn't lie !

    I'm someone who cleans the rifle religiously, and that includes even if I've been out and only shot one round. It gets the full cleaning regime every time.

    In summary, an excellent rifle which I had no intention of selling, until I fell in love with a Mauser MO3. So sadly, it has to go.
    It's available to view and buy at Forest Lodge Guns, Wragby, Lincolnshire for £495 ono.
    Please bear in mind it's been shortened, re crowned and re threaded. This work would cost you a few quid, and it's been done already to a very high standard.
    This is basically a half price rifle, with a lot of extras, and proven accuracy. I can provide the recipe for the hand loads if you require it.
    Any questions, please contact me via SD or 07717703299
    Please note the price is for the rifle, picatinny rail and rings only. Scope is NOT included.

    (Target shown is 150 metre zero with 1" squares)
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