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Thread: Bitten by a dog on footpath

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    Bitten by a dog on footpath

    I was walking along the coast path (permissive path over private land) on the way back from a fruitless fishing trip today, when i found myself catching up with a woman and two dogs, a Corgi and a Great Dane, neither dog was on a lead despite signs instructing that dogs should be under close control. The woman was talking on her mobile phone and continued ahead, accompanied by the Corgi. Her Great Dane spotted me and stopped between me and the woman. As I reached the Great Dane I continue past but she followed along behind me, about 2 feet behind. I get to about 15yds from the woman (still on the phone) when the Corgi turns round and barks at me. At this point the woman turns round looking shocked and shouts something and waves her arms in the air and the damn Great Dane went and bit me on the leg! conversation went like this:

    ME: "aaaargh!!! your dog just bit me!"
    WOMAN, casually: "she thought you were carrying a stick" (looking at my tubed fishing rod)
    ME: "so what? Damn dog just bit me on the leg!"
    WOMAN "she thought you were going to hit her"
    ME: "why the **** would she think that?"
    WOMAN: "because she thought you were carrying a stick. It's OK, I'll hold her collar while you go on down the path"

    My leg was pissing out blood and the stupid woman still had the telephone glued to her ear!
    At this point words failed me and I had to walk away. I was absolutely livid! It wasn't so much the bite that got to me, but the reaction (or lack of) from the woman. No apology..... she was completely unconcerned.
    But what can one do in situations like this?
    I have no idea who the woman was and it was on a public footpath over private land.

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    Well should of asked for her details. That is not on at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadrach2986 View Post
    Well should of asked for her details. That is not on at all.
    not sure I'd want to date a woman with a dangerous dog

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    I'd have broken the "stick " over it's piggin head dont know the legality of such an action but I'd have felt better for it especially if it had drawn blood .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckaroo8 View Post
    not sure I'd want to date a woman with a dangerous dog
    Lol, how do you know, till you try it. If she thought you were gonna persue with action, she might be more apologetic!!

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    I hope your tetnus jabs were up to date, even if they were you should have told her you going to have one and billed her for your taxi to and from the hospital regardless of whether you went or not.
    That may have taught her a lesson and maybe, just maybe, she would be more careful in future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckaroo8 View Post
    My leg was pissing out blood
    If that was really the case I'd have sat down, applied direct pressure to the wound and asked her to phone for an ambulance and the police. I imagine that would have prompted a change of attitude? I'd have also extracted my phone and taken her photograph and also pictures of the dogs and the wound. That might seem a little OTT, but (once again) what if you had been a small child with a fishing rod and it took your face off, rather than biting your leg?

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    Fortunately, I keep up to date with jabs as I do tend to get bitten by quite a variety of wild and domestic animals.
    I did consider bashing the hound over the head but she ran off after I turned around and I didn't want to escalate the situation at all by chasing it around a field. If the dog had continued the attack I may have had no choice but to defend myself!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckaroo8 View Post
    not sure I'd want to date a woman with a dangerous dog
    Or one with an angry pussy...

    Seriously out of order her reaction & comments, I'm thinking how high was the cliff, could have been very nasty had you stumbled or had a more savage attack from such a large dog, could have had you over the edge.
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