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Thread: Volvo XC60 Boot Liner

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    Volvo XC60 Boot Liner

    High sided, rigid, boot liner for a Volvo XC 60.
    This cost, in December, 140.00 but I no longer have the vehicle so must go.
    I reckon 60 is a good price for something that is almost new.
    Can deliver locally to the Salisbury/Amesbury area but collection prefered.
    Contact by PM .
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    Surely someone with an XC60 wants to keep their boot clean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pridge View Post
    OOps !
    60.00 I reckon would be a bargain.
    By the way, your location doesn't seem to be visiblle by your avator.
    It helps to give others an idea of whether they can help you if ever you wanted help or items.
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    So nobody wants to keep the boot of their nice new XC60 clean by the looks of things.
    I reckon at 60 that is a good reduction from 140 for what is practically a new item.
    Perhaps they have no money left after splashing out on a nice new XC60 ?
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