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Thread: 6mm ppc users

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    6mm ppc users

    OK guys and girls, I have done loads of internet hunting ,pondering , getting excited, being fed negative stuff then positive stuff.
    What are your opinions on the 6mm ppc calibre.
    It's going to be a pick up go shoot rifle.
    I mainly do 100-300m target work and the odd fox and rabbit.
    What are they like on deer as in muntjac cwd and roe.
    I have read up on the laws restrictions and so on regarding bullet weights and fps, am I right in thinking that I need to push a 100gr bullet to 1700+fps. To be legal.
    Any info advise or load info would be great.
    Ps I have a 223 and two 308's and load for all three.

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    Unless you are shooting benchrest go with a 6mmbr. Factory ready brass and still a shooter. Neither feed amazing unless from a sako 75 that are rocking horse poop.

    I love my 6mmbr and will never be without one.
    "If you can't see it, you can't shoot it"

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    6mm br if hunting imo nothing wrong at all with ppc but it only just tops the br on accuracy .10" for example but in real world hunting at 300 the br wins no question.more likely to find a rifle too.

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    2767 fps = 1700 ft lbs.
    Those who can, do it. Those who can't, teach it.

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    It would be a mag fed sako 75 in 6mm ppc. I fell in love with it. As said mainly target. Fire forming brass shouldn't be a big deal,I like fiddling and setting goals.

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    Have a 6ppc myself, bought it as go to for vermin control and for target. Most are 1 in 14 twist giving optimum results with 65gr to 70gr ish. Mine is a single shot 1 in 12, again 65 to 75 gr are awesome. Initial tests with 80gr Bergers looking promising. Used on vermin with 58 and 65 gr vmax to date out beyond 300m with great success. You may need a faster twist rate if you want to utilise heavier bullets though.


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    I'm all twisted up at the mo. My 223 is a 1/9"twist,my scoped target and allocated deer rifle is a 308 is 1/10" and my open sight 308 is 1/14". If the worst comes to the worst it will be a cracking target/vermin rifle. I can allways use my 308.

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    think you just answered your own question ,go for it pal you can't loose

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    Quote Originally Posted by triggersqueezer View Post
    think you just answered your own question ,go for it pal you can't loose

    it will put a grin on your face.

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    Thanks guys. It's one of those. I will store it between the 357 mag and my P14.

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