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Thread: Swazi brocco microshirt with hood

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    Swazi brocco microshirt with hood

    The Swazi Microshirt is one of our biggest sellers and now thanks to a customers great suggestion it has a new stable mate. The Brocco Micro (thanks Broc!) features a snug fitting hood to cover your ears and keep your noggin from getting a floggin!
    Made in New Zealand from 140gsm Microfleece.
    PM ME IF YOUR INTERESTEDAttachment 57642
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    How do the sizes come out? Are they standard M and L or do you go down a size?


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    Standard sizing no need to go down

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    Cheers pm in bound.

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    Bugger missed this, any large left?

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    Sorry large sold out

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    Mine arrived today, its spot on!

    Many thanks mmbeatle.


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