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Thread: Cheeky Bu--er

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    Cheeky Bu--er

    So what would you say to this. I had a guy who needed a year with a stalker or pass the DS1 to gain his FAC to shoot deer. he rang me asking if I did deer control, which I did, he asked if I would take him out and give him the basics and teach him how to rifle shoot, this I agreed to, as I will help anyone provided they are genuine, I took him out on my permissions and started the teaching, I taught him to shoot with a rimfire that he bought, we went on a new permission he had with his rimfire to stalk rabbit and while there we saw a few roe, I had not heard from him for quite a while, then he rang me and stated that he had been on his permission with another stalker and shot a roe, he asked me how he should deal with it and get it ready for his freezer, I was polite and said treat it like a big rabbit and do your best, there was no way I wanted any part of that, I've not seen or heard from him since, what do you recon, you never know who your dealing with eh?

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    So the assumption is he's shot it with the .22rimmy? Maybe the other stalker he was with shot it with his rifle? Or maybe he's got his FAC sorted? Or am I missing something?
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    Tell the "other " stalker to sort it out !

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    Quote Originally Posted by deerstalker.308 View Post
    So the assumption is he's shot it with the .22rimmy? Maybe the other stalker he was with shot it with his rifle? Or maybe he's got his FAC sorted? Or am I missing something?
    He shot it with the other stalkers rifle I believe

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    so... I'm a bit confused??? If we assume the deer was shot with the other blokes legal rifle, on his permission.... what exactly is your beef?? that he has asked you for advice without taking you out on the stalk?

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    He could well have thought he was inconveniencing you by asking you to go with him. Perhaps he's done what he thought was for the best ?

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    My question, why didn't he just ask the stalker he had been out with ?

    Surely another stalker, would have gralloched the deer, and told him what to do with it.

    I'd guess he was on his own, and there never was another stalker !

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    I see where your coming from t.b.h mate if you have taken the time to bring this lad up to speed, then the least he could do is give you a shout or first refusal on his permo. Unless he has been doing a bit with this other lad as well and he just got the shout this time.

    I know where your coming from mate but don't get too hung up on it all, unfortunately that's just the way some people are.

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    I'm getting the impression there is more dummy spitting out than anything else going on here..

    I wouldn't have a problem with someone ringing me for advice irrespective of the circumstances... If I had that attitude with every financial adviser I have ever mentored or trained who called me because they valued my advice alongside or over the manager or trainer they currently work with.....

    Take it as a compliment and stop being a baby!

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    struggling to see which bit is the cheeky bit

    can you elaborate

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