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Thread: New pick up question

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    New pick up question

    What works out best, whether to but a new vehicle outright or go for one of those 3 year contract leases? Either way I'd have to pay monthly. Not sure of the advantages or disadvantages of each. Thanks.

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    Watch out for the annual mileage limits on the contracts, if you go over the agreed limit it can cost a fortune

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    Quote Originally Posted by Essex stalker View Post
    Watch out for the annual mileage limits on the contracts, if you go over the agreed limit it can cost a fortune
    ...."end of life" damage is another one to be mindful of...what is fair wear & tear in your eyes may be VERY different to the lease company.
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    Is this for company use or private?
    I don't know how long term leasing works for commercial vehicles, but having worked (briefly) for a Yamaha bike dealer a few years ago, I would never now have a personal vehicle on a PCP/Lease arrangement. "Ordinary" hire purchase finance isn't so bad, but by far the best way to buy a new vehicle is with cash, even borrowed cash from your bank will usually be a better option than financing through the dealer.
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    I used to be told that leasing was not the best option for someone who is not VAT registered.

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    Buy outright and haggle a hefty discount, if you are a member of BASC you should able to get around 15-20% off the list price, don't be afraid to ask for things like towbars & loadliners to be thrown in as well.

    atb Tim

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    Buy outright as after 3-5 years it's paid off and still worth half what you paid

    pcp / lease your still paying the same amount each month and after 3-5 years you still don't own the car

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    I agree with all the posts above, buying outright is the best option, personally I'd go for used let someone else pay out for the depreciation. Tom

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    Membership of the NGO gets you big discounts on Fords.

    (Not that I've had to go down that path yet)



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    Thanks for all your replies. It seems buy it outright is the way to go then. I'm not VAT registered too. I'm going to look into the BASC discounts but still haven't decided which breed to go for!!!

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