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Thread: Hamilton slip stand amazing slip and service

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    Hamilton slip stand amazing slip and service

    Hi all,

    Just like to write a quick review of the Hamilton slipstand I bought about 7/8 months ago.

    I got the 54" extra long deluxe leather model for shotguns and has been absolutely fantastic- gets loads of interest at the clay ground and saves my bad back from having to bend down and pick up my slip and gun all the time. yes it is a bit heavy however feel a bit tired and can just pop it down like a golf bag. Easy to break the gun before you take it out so could be considered safer than a conventional slip. also its very tough and could withstand being dropped or hit by a clay with no damage whatsoever!

    Everything is sturdy about it and it stops the slip/gun from getting muddy in the winter months. The stitching has recently started to come off the top handle though, and even though I am told it is held in place by a rivet, it doesn't look very nice and only affects a few of the slips in leather, especially if you have the strap short as I do because I am a short ****!

    Spoke with Greg direct from Hamilton and he agreed to send me a new one out exactly the same within a few days with no quibble, and said don't bother returning your current one so I don't have to worry about return postage!

    Fantastic service from Greg and Hamilton and would highly recommend their slip stands with no hesitation! (They have also introduced a rifle slip which is pretty much the same but with extra features so that is next on my list!)



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    Mitch could you send me. Contact details for Greg please
    regards pete

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    Hi Pete,

    Ive only got their contact number which is +44 1371 851742 and asked to be put through to Greg in sales.



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    Mitch many thanks
    regards pete

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    Had a look at them online and was intending on ordering, now i have seen your write up its a definate order


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    Quote Originally Posted by Roedinator View Post
    Mitch could you send me. Contact details for Greg please
    regards pete
    Was it the mention of the short straps and legs that pricked your interest Pete.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    They really area nice bit of kit. However, I prefer to use a bog-standard golf bag tripod with my existing slip strapped to it. Does exactly the same thing but only cost about 15 quid.

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    You don't think that possibly my old Baikal would be a little overdressed in one of these cases do you.

    On second thoughts though a Blaser would look nice in one of the new rifle covers, that's probably why Roedinator is interested.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    As usual mike your so last week !!!
    had one of these slips for 18 months but the handle has broken
    that's why I was asking for contact details
    As for the Blaser that's got its own customised slip only the best for such a quality rifle
    Regards pete

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    I've seen that tatty old slip that you put the Blaser in Pete. You're afraid to take the one that's marked Blaser in case you get blood or mud on it.

    How come if you have had that Hamilton so long then that you didn't use it when we went to that strawbaler last year. Any old slip will do for the Beretta then but you had to get a Hamilton for the Kreighoff. Your just like my daughters,it has to be good if it has a designer label.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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