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Thread: PPU .223 HPBT 69gr

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    PPU .223 HPBT 69gr

    Anybody used PPU .223 HPBT 69gr factory match ammunition and care to share their experiences ?

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    I used some for the first time a couple of weeks ago in my CZ527 (1in9 Varmint) - It was the first time I had shot the rifle and used it for a club match at 600 yds at Bisley, they all stayed in the black without too much trouble with fairly good vertical but certainly showed up my lack of wind reading skills. Shooting the featherweight at 600 yards is certainly more challenging than using my 6.5x284 or my 6BR. I believe I paid 13 per 20. I will buy some more and give them a real test for accuracy and shoot some over the chrony from the bench at 100yds when I get the chance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malxwal View Post
    Anybody used PPU .223 HPBT 69gr factory match ammunition and care to share their experiences ?
    I used it in a Rem .223 1:9 when I left my reloads at home - doh - and it was ok, bit wobbly at 600yds but it was a short barrel, and certainly not as fast as my homeloads.
    Brass reloaded once before neck splits.
    For 300yds or less fodder it's fine.

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    My t3 is awful with them, shotgun grouping. The brass seems good to me, I'm on my 6-7 reloads with it now.

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    Cheers folks. These will be going thru a Sako 1 in 8 20" barrel, probably not ideal for longer range stuff, but will be 400 yards, a long way for me.

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    Ive used it in my AR and it was very accurate. Brass is good too. I anneal all brass anyway so necks splitting isn't an issue for me.

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