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Thread: Howa 1500 308 in Boyds Stock and Timney trigger

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    Howa 1500 308 in Boyds Stock and Timney trigger

    Stainless steel barrel 308 in good condition. Fitted in last month is Boyds Stock and a timney trigger. Prefer to sell with Boyds Stock and timney trigger but can put howa trigger back in and black original stock too if required. 650 including Boyds Stock and timney trigger. Also, if required can sell Hornady full length die, Lapua brass and heads too. Great accurate rifle. Attachment 57693Attachment 57694Attachment 57695

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    How much for the rifle with the std trigger and Hogue stock?
    im a leftie so the Boyd stock is no good to me

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    500 in hogue and with std trigger

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    For clarity nightforce scope and rings excluded (for sale in optics) but 20 moa base is included. Have federal factory ammo in addition to laupa brass and sierra heads if required at cost too.

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    I'm interested in your boyds stock if it's for varmint profile barrel, I'm using my phone so it's difficult to view your photos properly.

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    It's the standard weight barrel not the heavy one. Want to try and sell with but if chap above takes it then you are welcome to the stock....cheers

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    Will include if face to face my remaining factory ammo which is federal 150 grain - currently 28 rounds

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    BTT and price change. 450 for rifle in hogue stock with Howa trigger. 600 in Boyds stock with timney trigger. Includes 28 federal rounds and the base but excludes rings and scope which are for sale in Optics.

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    Need to post variation form off next week so open to sensible offers

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    I would have made you an offer if I lived closer, but by the time I add rfd-rfd up here, it makes it to much money.
    Looks a nice rifle though, has it had a can on it?

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