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Thread: Parker Hale stock wanted

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    Parker Hale stock wanted

    Can anybody help? I have a barreled action in 308 that I want to start using as a project. I need a Parker Hale stock in any condition (ANY) just so I can build up the rifle. can be wood or plastic so long as it is cheap! Thanks.

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    Go on the boyds web site. Fill your boots plenty to choose from about 130 delivered. You need one to fit a Mauser 98 large ring action.

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    ...or phone Norman Clark, Rugby?

    (Mind you, Norman Clark and cheap don't normally go together!).
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    Hi DMC
    I have a Parker Hale in 243 stock which I am about to destroy if it suitable for your project let me know, price wise will be determined by you.

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    Hi, just got your message! I bought one the other day and it when it turned up it was the wrong one! Grrr!! I need a stock for a 1200 Safari.
    You say you have a whole rifle to destroy....I can take the whole thing and dispose of it for you...where are you? How much do you want for it? I could use the trigger as well if it is ok.

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