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Thread: stealth b2 bomber

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    stealth b2 bomber

    anyone else seen the stealth b2 bomber flying about its just gone over my house heading i suppose for briese norton certainly an awsome looking peice of kit never seen one before

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    Sshh it's a secret they usually come and go in the dark

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    Bringing the nukes back, I dare say.......
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hereford View Post
    Bringing the nukes back, I dare say.......

    A bit early init, we're still in the EU,

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    How could you see it? Isn't it invisible?

    All joking aside I believe they aren't as stealthy in the rain
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    Saw one years ago but the press department had made the information public as it was flying from Kentucky to drop something on the now closed Wainfleet bombing range in Lincolnshire.

    It so happened that we were coming out of a pub north of Boston after a shoot breakfast when it went over. Even knowing what it was it still looked very sinister - am sure these were often mistaken for UFOs before they were made public.

    It turned on its edge and practically 'disappeared' and was a hot topic of conversation all day.

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    Lots of bombers of the large american type at fairford at the mo, some B52 bombers as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hereford View Post
    Bringing the nukes back, I dare say.......
    Had a friend that was a B2 aircraft commander. He would say that when he was armed and airborne he qualified as the 8th most powerful country in the world based on the nuke load.

    yes they are an interesting aircraft but they are actually somewhat boring to watch. If you want to see a nuclear capable bomber that is also fast and maneuverable, although much less stealthy, then the B1 is for you.

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    The B2 is also used to deliver conventional bombs at low level and pinpoint accuracy, as in flying right into Baghdad a few hundred feet up, undetected, with a guided JDAM.

    I worked on the first modern B1, the second generation, after Reagan revived it. Terrain hugging on autopilot at 600+ MPH, shows up unannounced with tons of HE and cluster bombs. Just to climb around inside it on the ground, to look out the open bay doors makes my hair stand up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by .25-06 View Post
    Sshh it's a secret they usually come and go in the dark
    I was fishing on the west side of the hebrides a few days after the Twin Towers came down and just after the sun set a large flock of stealth bombers (Don't ask what type as I know nothing about them other than that they don't look like conventional aircraft) came over our heads. They were quite a long way up, though nowhere near as high as the commercial transatlantic flights, so the sun was still hitting them which really made them stand out. They aren't good for the trout fishing as I didn't catch much. However, I guess the plan was that they would be flying over most of the populated parts of the UK in the dark.
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